Pre-K – Buzzing Bees

Our Pre-K 1 “Buzzing Bees” activities include:

  • Art using different mediums and textures.
  • Physical activity on the playground and inside with free dancing.
  • Learning to sit and eat lunch/snack with manners.
  • Potty training.
  • Following teacher directions.
  • Sharing and communicating with their peers.
  • Verbalizing to the teacher when the child is hungry, tired, happy, etc.

Our Pre-K 1 Buzzing Bees Teachers

Ms. Ashley is a Lead Teacher in our Buzzing Bees classroom. She has grown up with siblings and many nieces and nephews whom she loves to watch. Ms. Ashley is always caring, attentive and compassionate with each child in her care. She enjoys arts and


Ms. Lucia is an Assistant Teacher in our Buzzing Bees classroom. She has her associates degree and hopes to further her experience by receiving a degree in Early Childhood Education. Lucia has a calm demeanor which reflects in her classroom. The children look up to Lucia for a caring hand and lots of hugs!


*All of our Buzzing Bees teachers are CPR & First Aid Certified.

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What parents have to say about our program:

We love Happy Faces Daycare. Our 2 year old daughter has been attending for the past year. She loves it there and is truly excelling. I love that they fill out a little report card for her every day -how she ate, slept, mood, activities, every diaper change (and what was in each diaper). The staff is wonderful. They are very communicative and responsive to any questions or concerns I may have. We are all very happy with Happy Faces. I would highly recommend them! – Kim F.